Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself as a highly posable action figure? Have you ever seen yourself as a Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, or GI Joe figure? Or maybe just a figure of you as you are on a regular day? WAR MACHINE MARKETING CAN MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE!

Our sculptors can help make this dream into a reality! Do you have a certain color scheme in mind? Certain guns you’d like to have? A custom light saber just for YOU? We can make them highly posable or with very little articulation. There are no molds and no casting. This is a one of a kind art piece of you (or a loved one, client, etc) will cherish forever! What do you get for the person who has EVERYTHING? You get them a custom action figure of them from their favorite movie or TV franchise! This is a War Machine Marketing Exclusive service! NO ONE offers this service and NO ONE does it better!